Try the extremely terrifying Tarzan swing!

What to expect

ATV and Canopy Zip-Line Tour & Excursion in the beautiful Flamingo Mountains of Guanacaste Costa Rica. This is one of our most popular tours! Our guides will take you up to the mountains on the Monkey Trail. The trail begins behind Potrero Beach by ATV to the Congo Trail Zip-Line Canopy Area. Spend your time up in the top of the Guanacaste Trees and maybe you’ll spot some Howler Monkeys or Spider Monkeys. After 2 hours zip-lining through the jungle, as you have never experienced it before, have some refreshments and try the extreme option if you still have strength. Tip: Try the extremely terrifying Tarzan swing. Then hop back on your ATV and ride home via the Donkey Trail for some more advanced and challenging ATV riding (Optional) down to sea level at Danta Beach where the Catalinas project is located. Then visit 5 different beaches on your way back to our office. (Dantita Beach, Danta Beach, Prieta Beach, Penca and Potrero Beach) on the final stretch. On private tours guides can stop for lunch if requested.

PRICE: From USD $149


  • Includes 11 different Zip-Lines
  • Tarzan Swing Extreme Available
  • Monkey Sanctuary available
  • See views at an elevation of 1240′
  • Visit 5 different beaches
  • 4 hours in length
  • Guided Tour
  • Refreshments and Snacks Available
  • Souvenir Shopping Available