Exploring the beautiful tree tops of the tropical rain forest

What to expect

Areas with poor drainage support swamp forests, while other parts – dissected by deep, expansive gorges – have numerous streams tumbling through, creating rapids, waterfalls and standstill pools. The variable climate and large altitudinal gradient have helped to produce an amazingly heterogeneous set of creatures that live here. Some of these include the jaguar, ocelot, Baird’s tapir, three-wattled bellbird, bare-necked umbrellabird, and the famously elusive resplendent quetzal.

We will pick you up from where are you staying and take you to the beautiful Monteverde National Park. You will explore for 5 or so hours and once you are done we will take you right back to where you are staying.


  • Hanging Bridges
  • Gondolas
  • Lunch Included
  • Cloud Forest Hike