Welcome to Playa Tamarindo home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

What to expect

Here you will find some of the fun things to do.
1. Explore Playa Grande: If you are into hiking and self guided tours you can explore Playa Grande from Tamarindo Walk the beach to the North then pay one of the little boats a couple thousand Colones to shuttle you across the Estuary then walk the length of Playa Grande exploring rocky outcroppings, try your hand at body surfing or if you are especially adventurous bring a body board with you.

2. Mountain hike to see view Tamarindo.

3. Hip Hop Night at the monkey bar

4. Karaoke night at Sharky’s

5. Hike or bicycle ride through the back neigborhoods of Tamarindo

6. Beach Hike to Langosta Beach.

7. Tamarindo Bar Hop.

Below you will find some popular activities in the Tamarindo Area.

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