Playa Conchal is located in the town of Brasilito.

What to expect

Playa Conchal is located in the town of Brasilito. Brasilito is an amazing little beach town with lots of character and things to do. The town has a real authentic Costa Rican feel. Here are some ideas of what to do if you are visiting Playa Conchal in Brasilito.

  • There are a lot of great places to buy everything you need from beach items, jewlery,  to souvenirs to bring back to family and friends. There is one store that is located right next to the center plaza in Brasilito. Once you get to Playa Conchal itself there are multiple stands that see beautiful hand made items and more souvenirs.

Unique Activities

  • There are a couple things around Playa Conchal in Brasilito to check out if you are looking for a fun and unique expereince. The Beach Chocolate Factory is a great place where you can do a chocolate making workshop and make chocolate from start to finish.
  • Another fun and unique experience is the Sage Brush Art Studio. Take a break from the heat and surfing and enjoy a glass of wine in the AC at an exciting art class. Good for all levels of experience.


  • To get to Playa Conchal you have to walk a little bit on Brasilito beach then up a hill. It is not a bad walk but  we suggest trying an ATV tour first to explore the vast beautiful beach then scout out a spot to spend the day.

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