Playa Flamingo is full of mouth watering restaurants and fine places to grab a drink.

What to expect


Costa Rica is full of local restaurants that they call sodas. If you come to Costa Rica and don’t try the food at a soda you are missing out. You have to try the casado. They are also great places to relax with a local Imperial beer.

  • Soda y Resturante el Estero Azul
  • Soda Brasillito
  • Soda el Coco

Good for your wallet and stomach

These are great places to eat lunch or dinner at a great price with delicious options.

  • a’lo Nico
  • Surf Box
  • The Beach House

Dinner time 

On vacation you always need to have a nice dinner to relax and drink with friends and family. These are some great places for that.

  • Coco Loco
  • Angelinas
  • Maries

Drinks and fun

Mar Vista is a place that you cannot miss on your trip to Flamingo. Mar Vista means ocean view in spanish, and it is where you will find the most amazing ocean view of the area. It is a bar and restaurant on the top of the mountain. The best part is the large infiniti pool with an expansive view. Go to eat and stay till it gets dark at the awesome pool bar.

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