This is the only place in Costa Rica where you can take a walk inside the crater, watch and feel steam coming out from the boiling mud

What to expect

The Diamante Animal Sanctuary is Guanacaste’s largest, built in partnership with La Paz Waterfall Gardens. Diamante is home to the largest variety of species in one location. The habitats are designed to provide a natural setting for the animals while allowing guests to interact and enjoy up close and safe viewing. These animals are rescued by the Costa Rican Ministry of Wildlife (MINAE) and include sloths, monkeys, jaguars, toucans, pumas, crocodiles, snakes, and more. The Sanctuary is home to a world-class wildcat habitat, butterfly observatory and sloth habitats with both two and three toes sloths.

Diamante is against the capture or trade of illegally confiscated animals and along with our partners at MINAE and Waterfall Gardens work to educate the public on animal responsibility.

Sloths: Both species of sloths, Two-toed and Three-toed, are residents of Diamante. Sloths are residents of Diamantes. Sloths are our most requested animal to see when in Costa Rica. They can be seen hanging around while happily munching on leaves and shoots. You can spend time watching them slowly move about; but keep your camera ready, as they may just give you the perfect smile.

Butterfly Observatory: Diamante’s butterfly observatory is over 6,000 square feet and features numerous species of beautiful butterflies. With hundreds of fluttering creatures in a single habitat, delicate beauty will amaze you and one might even land on you. Experience the butterflies up close as they emerge from their cocoons and watch them as they progress through various stages of growth. The on-site guides will walk you through the observatory showing you eggs, caterpillars, and the camouflaged chrysalises.

Crocodiles: Visit this reptile habitat where you can view up close a great predator, the crocodile, Crocodiles Acutus is one nature’s most powerful reptiles. The crocodile grows to over 5 meters long and its ferocious jaws can deliver up to 1,750 kilograms of pressure.

Exotic Birds: Toucans , Grosbeaks, Tanagers and more fly freely in the bird sanctuary at Diamante. At our bird watchers’ paradise you will see some of the most exotic and colorful birds of Costa Rica, no binoculars needed. The Bird Aviary is a refuge for wild birds that have been either captured illegally by hunters and confiscated by the government or donated by their owners. Many of these birds lack the basic skills to survive in the wild on their own.

In the Toucan habitat, you can take photos of yourself with the friendly rescued Toucans. The Toucans are comfortable enough that they will fly right up and land on your arm. Don’t be startled because they are gentle and exhibit excellent manners.

Monkeys: Monkeys are also considered a must-see by visitors to Costa Rica. At Diamante Eco Adventure Park we have large natural habitats that give the monkeys incredible space to move about. The habitats are specially designed to allow our guests a greater opportunity to photograph and interact with them. Our educational signage provides insight into the behaviors, reproduction and future survival of these monkeys in Costa Rica. Diamante is home to both spider monkeys and white-faced monkeys, with each having their own habitat.

Reptiles: Diamante is home to many species of reptiles that can be viewed up close. Our reptile and amphibian exhibit includes over 30 species of frogs, toads, lizards, geckos and snakes, all of which are native to Costa Rica. Learn about Costa Rica’s important species of poisonous snakes. The educational based Serpentarium has dozens of the most beautiful and deadly snakes of Costa Rica. The habitat puts you face-to-face with snakes such as the Bushmaster, Fer-de-lance, Green Vine snake, and Golden Eyelash Viper, to name just a few.

Botanical Garden: The garden began using the natural beauty of Gunacaste, Costa Rica and the natural oceanfront location of Diamante. Guests will see a broad representation of mature trees, flora, and fauna typical in the tropical dry forest with education signage throughout. The Botanical Gardens is a comfortable walking trail where you’ll see hundreds of tropical plants, flowers, palms, bamboos and fruit trees.

Hammock Beach: Relax and experience “Pura Vida” at Diamantes Hammock Beach. With several Hammocks are stretched peacefully between the trees located directly on the beach. Perfect for recovery after an adventure filled day or if you are just looking for some downtime while others in your group are enjoying the zip-line, animal sanctuary, horseback riding or playing in the ocean.

Ocean Kayaking: Experience Costa Rica’s coast on a sea kayak adventure. Explore many reefs with diverse marine life that can only be enjoyed and observed from a kayak. You can also jump in the water and take a closer look with a mask and snorkel. At Diamante, the mountains rise from the ocean and kayaking along pristine shorelines gives you a unique perspective. There is also the possibility to spot some amazing ocean wildlife.

Snorkeling: Explore Diamante Eco Adventure Parks oceanfront location with high-quality snorkel gear from our beach guide and let the adventure begin. It is common to see many different types of colorful fish and often you can see turtles and a variety of rays and dolphins.

Stand Up Paddle Board: At Diamante Eco Adventure Park you can glide across the ocean or paddle into the small beach breaks. Experience the warm waters and a tropical setting, be one with the ocean each day is an adventure and each Stand Up Paddle session a new experience.

Walking Trails: The landscape at Diamante Eco Adventure Park is diverse and teeming with the bio-diversity you can only find in Costa Rica. Listen to the birds, spot wild monkeys parrots and hummingbirds as they roam freely in this habitat. Its the perfect combination of relaxation and nature providing a fun, safe and educational outdoor experience for all travels.

ATV: ATV Tours in Costa Rica are a great opportunity to explore the land, mountains and dry rainforest. Feel the wind in your face and your thumb on the throttle as you rev up your adrenaline and adventure. Ride through the hills where you will see beautiful landscapes and breathtaking ocean views. A trained guide leads every tour.

Horseback Riding: The Horseback tours at Diamante Eco Adventure Park are the ideal way to experience spectacular views, backcountry wildlife, and trails winding through a dry tropical forest. The tour also includes a stop on the Pacific Ocean. With our professional riding staff and top trainers, you can enjoy a private tour or ride with a group. We cater to all levels of experience. No previous experience required.